About mahasivipassana.com (MVMR)

About #

People behind MVMR #

MVMR was created by a beginner. It is the result of an effort to gather together as much information as possible regarding the technique of Mahasi Vipassana, aiming to make it a useful resource for other practitioners around the world.

Please note that the person (who is heavily influenced by the Pragmatic Dharma Movement and Zen) behind this website, does not follow any specific Buddhist tradition or lineage.

Website software #

MVMR was created using hugo and hugo book theme.

Sources #

You can browse MVMR sources on Github.

All texts were written using Ghostwriter and Markdown.

E-books #

All e-books offered on MVMR are based on freely distributed Dharma material.

Software #

For the creation of the e-books, Markdown (MD) files were converted to EPUB using Pandoc.

EPUB testing and debugging, metadata handling and EPUB to AZW3/MOBI (both of them for kindle devices) conversion were done using Calibre.

AZW3 (kindle) files were further processed using Hyphenate This! plugin.

Contact #

email: ns [at] mahasivipassana [dot] com