About mahasivipassana.com (MVMR)

About #

People behind MVMR #

MVMR was created by a beginner. It is the result of an effort to gather together as much information as possible regarding the technique of Mahasi Vipassana, aiming to make it a useful resource for other practitioners around the world.

Please note that this is a website created by a secular Buddhist who is not affiliated with the Mahasi or any other relevant lineages.

Website software #

MVMR was created using hugo and hugo book theme.

Sources #

You can browse MVMR sources on Github.

All texts were written using Ghostwriter and Markdown.

E-books #

All e-books offered on MVMR are based on freely distributed Dharma material.

Software #

For the creation of the e-books, Markdown (MD) files were converted to EPUB using Pandoc.

EPUB testing and debugging, metadata handling and EPUB to AZW3/MOBI (both of them for kindle devices) conversion were done using Calibre.

AZW3 (kindle) files were further processed using Hyphenate This! plugin.

Contact #

email: ns [at] mahasivipassana [dot] com